Baton Rouge Drug Crime Lawyer

Drug Crimes in Baton Rouge, LA

The Law Office of James E. Boren is dedicated to representing individuals who have been accused of drug crimes. Some of these situations are listed below.

  • Cultivation of marijuana
  • Acquiring prescriptions by fraud
  • Drug possession (meth, crack, cocaine, marijuana)
  • Possession with intent to distribute
  • Drug manufacturing

Early in my practice, I handled a great deal of drug crime cases, frequently involving large importation cases. I developed a good reputation and successfully represented many clients; however, the government became more coercive in the manner in which it sought cooperation from witnesses, principally by the use of increased penalties to encourage informants. For a while, I refused to represent informants, as a matter of principle. Today the penalties have become so draconian that I am willing to represent persons accused of drug crimes again. I will only advise you to accept a plea after I have conducted a thorough, painstaking investigation of all other potentially available defenses. Aggressive counsel is necessary at every step of the process. I know very well in the current climate of prosecution, even if you expect to plead guilty, you need the representation of a strong and knowledgeable criminal defense attorney.

The manufacture of methamphetamine or the discovery of a meth lab on your property may be considered a state or federal crime. Which court has jurisdiction may depend on the facts of your situation. Both state and federal law impose very serious consequences for the manufacture, distribution or sale of methamphetamine, so if charged with this type of a drug crime, you need an experienced and aggressive criminal defense attorney.

The Law Office of James E. Boren starts examining the facts from the beginning to build as strong a defense as possible. Upon taking your case, I will look at all possible defenses. The police procedure is examined to discover if there was an illegal search and seizure, improper warrant or if the defendant was entrapped. We may seek the dismissal of the case. If you are convicted, we work to reduce your time in jail.

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