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The law office of James E. Boren is a highly regarded, nationally known firm that practices almost exclusively in the area of criminal defense, including representation in administrative and disciplinary proceedings. In addition to its statewide law practice, the firm has successfully managed many sophisticated multijurisdictional cases and investigations.

For 40 years, Mr. Boren has successfully represented individuals and companies (and company employees) in all types of criminal cases and quasi-criminal matters. Attorneys James Boren frequently lectures to other criminal defense lawyers throughout the United States on such matters as cross examination, jury selection, death penalty cases and legal ethics. For 15 years he has taught at LSU Law School including courses on Capital Punishment and Wrongful Convictions.

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Attorney James Boren is also a guest lecturer at the Southern Law School. His high-profile cases and work with the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL) has allowed him to work with some of the best criminal defense lawyers in the country. He frequently refers in-state clients to quality criminal defense lawyers in other states and is able to also refer clients to other accomplished in-state lawyers when his caseload or a conflict prevents him from personally handling the case.

In addition to the firm’s highly skilled staff, attorney James Boren works with professional investigators and some of the finest expert witnesses in the world. Lawyers throughout the country discuss cases with attorney James Boren and refer clients to him. He does not accept or give referral fees.

Attorney James Boren and his firm have represented more than a dozen judges who were facing discipline or being investigated by the Judiciary Commission. He has also represented numerous lawyers and health care professionals who were facing disciplinary proceedings.

The firm has extensive experience defending the rights of people arrested and accused of criminal offenses at every stage of the case starting with the arrest. All clients wish to avoid trial, by dismissal of their case or by reducing the charges against them. From the time attorney James Boren is retained as your legal representative, he begins investigating the case and exploring defenses. This can be very time-consuming, but deciding a strategy of defense can only be done when the criminal defense attorney knows as much or more than the other side. Usually, the prosecution or law enforcement have already begun an investigation. As a skilled negotiator, attorney James Boren will plea bargain if it is in the client’s best interest but only after all possible defenses have been explored. He is always preparing to go to trial and vigorously defend clients if that is in their best interest. It is important that attorney James Boren is involved in the process when the criminal investigation begins or charges are first brought. This allows him to begin his investigative process when evidence and recollections are still fresh and ensure that the client has as many options available as possible.

Some clients have no choice except to plead guilty to minimize the sentence they may receive. Judges have large ranges of possible sentences, ranging from probation to many years in jail.

Some lawyers suggest their relationship with judges or prosecutors will entitle them and their clients to special benefits. Attorney James Boren makes no such representations and believes it only very rare (and then unethical if not illegal) for such factors to influence a case.

If you just want someone to go stand in court with you while you plead guilty and get whatever sentence the judge or prosecutor initially suggest, please don’t call attorney James Boren. It is unlikely he will accept your case.

Years of experience before judges and juries have given attorney James Boren the knowledge, experience and thorough understanding of the nuances necessary to be successful in jury selection, court procedures and evidentiary issues. His firm pays attention to the small details that often make the difference in a criminal case. When a person is arrested and charged with a crime, it is not the time to seek out a generalist. Criminal defense is all that attorney James Boren’s firm does. Many law firms react on behalf of their clients to situations as they arise. His goal is to help clients take charge of the situation as much as possible. Judges and prosecutors throughout the state know that he is always prepared when he walks through the courthouse door.

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