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Jim accepts very difficult cases involving famous victims or the death penalty. Judges, lawyers, law enforcement officers, bankers, an athletic director and numerous public officials have been defended by Jim, including the Mayor of Baton Rouge, a major in law enforcement acquitted of eleven counts of perjury in federal court and Howard Rollins, the star of "In the Heat of the Night" on cocaine charges. In 1992 his client, a lawyer, was acquitted after a six-week federal bank fraud trial in the Judge Reggie case." He represented the young daughter of a judge caught shooting a convenience store clerk on videotape in a case the media dubbed "The Natural Born Killers".

Recently the Judiciary Commission acquitted his client, a judge, and a jury in Lake Charles gave his client a life sentence for killing his wife and the policeman who came to investigate the domestic disturbance. In 1999 he won an acquittal for a man charged with stalking a judge and in 2000 a Shreveport jury acquitted his client of killing her husband, a wife beater. In December 2000, he was awarded the Justice Albert Tate, Jr. Award by the Louisiana Criminal Defense Lawyers, for lifetime achievements. His current cases include people accused of killing three people (one pregnant) in a dope deal gone bad, an alleged serial child molester, numerous targets of the Environmental Protection Agency, a deputy U. S. Marshall accused of obstruction of justice and a bank robbery suspect wherein one eyewitness identification is the issue, men and women accused of having sex with underage girls and boys, and two judges accused of misconduct. In 2011, my client was acquitted by his jury of 2nd degree murder based on a claim of self-defense where the alleged victim was shot several times in the back.

In connection with the Innocence Project, he represented a man who spent 18 years in prison for a rape he did not commit and we recently won an evidentiary hearing in a capital post-conviction case involving the death of three people; the client's death penalty was removed and a life sentence obtained.

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